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Michigan Department of Human Services launched statewide campaign to bust myths

Posted by Iahmed on April 2, 2010

I stood firmly with 20 of our partners yesterday to bust welfare myths with facts at the Ingham County DHS office during the kick-off of DHS’ Welfare 101: busting myths about welfare campaign. It was empowering to take a stand to educate people about the true value of the welfare system and the tremendous impact it has on Michigan’s residents and its economy.

Michigan’s ailing economic climate has caused an unprecedented number of families to seek help paying their bills or putting food on their tables. And with that staggering increase in demand for services come myths that are tarnishing the purpose of the welfare system.

It’s unfortunate that there are many myths and misconceptions about who receives help, what that help actually does and the requirements necessary for receiving that help. Those myths have, in turn, created a stigma that is likely preventing some people who truly need help, like families with young children and the elderly, to come to us.

We wanted to put a stop to that because today, it is more likely than ever before that our neighbors, friends or relatives collect one or more welfare benefits because of unemployment or home foreclosure.

You can also read our press release here:

You can also watch video from the event on YouTube here:


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